Hi! My name is Leilani Torres, you might know me as @LeilaniTorresOLY and I am an experienced Artistic Swimming Olympian, Coach, Mentor, and Technical Controller from Puerto Rico. I have learned and worked with countries like Canada, USA, Spain in my many years of coaching have practiced my skills in countries like Romania, Switzerland, Egypt, Italy, Puerto Rico, Denmark and Chile becoming a national team coach for those last three countries mentioned. On top of everything, I am also a mother of two young girls and am married to the renown handball legend, Mateo Garralda. He's been to four (4) Olympics and we both met at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

I've always been fascinated with Artistic Swimming! Since I was young, I've looked up to many of my older teammates with admiration and desire to become like them. I knew I had a disadvantage growing in a country where the sport was not as strong and popular but, this did not stop me from learning from AMAZING coaches like Julie Sauvé, Leslie Sproule, Sheilagh Croxon, Elizabeth Price, Holly Vargo Brown, Laura Amoros, Jadine Cleary, Etty del Valle, Maritza Martir and Lorens Callejo who was my first teacher in this journey.

My passion became clearer every time I tried to “retire” from the sport. I noticed that it was just impossible to leave it aside when it had taught me so much from all the aspects in life. So now, I have found great comfort in giving back, meeting athletes and coaches that want to begin a path or want to grow in Artistic Swimming and guide them to their desired goals, not only through technical feedback, but also through mental blocks by channeling their thoughts into the right focuses.

My ultimate mission is to aid as many coaches and athletes as possible that have no guidance within their area, club or in their countries and offer them a place of full support, acceptance, learning, growth, and fun through a process of experimentation.

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