Chloe sitting on a bulkhead
Chloé, Canada
"Leilani gives amazing tips! She makes me think bigger. She never tells me “just do it” or “just fix it”, she always tells me how to fix it. She takes the time to explain everything very clearly so it’s easier and faster to fix. She also uses funny ways to explain things, like “banana bum” means you have to push your hips through. At the end of every practice with her, I always feel like I have accomplished something and I definitely have grown as an athlete since I’ve started working with her. Overall, Leilani is a great coach and definitely loves artistic swimming."
Call sitting on a bulkhead
Calla, Canada
"Leilani definitely helped me in multiple ways. She helped me with body awareness, tips to help me improve and she made me think a lot to help me achieve my goals. When I do something wrong or not perfectly, she always helps me with visual aid to help me understand and she gives great tips to help me correct that mistake. She also gets very creative and gives funny words for corrections to help me remember about that correction and they stay in your head to help you later. When she gives me feedback, she doesn’t just tell me what I did wrong and what to do, she explains to me what to do and how to do it in a variety of ways to help me understand better. That helped me a lot to understand what I’m doing and how to correct what I did wrong. She’s very focused and she knows what she wants to achieve for every practice but also, she’s never afraid to make me laugh to make the practice more fun. Leilani definitely helped me become a better athlete with her great experience with artistic swimming and I definitely got a lot of tips from her to help me in the future."
Lara, Egypt
"I cannot begin to explain how much working with lei has helped me especially during quarantine, it was a great experience and there really are no barriers I mean we were at two completely different places and time zones but lei still managed to help me! After I came out from quarantine and we were done whenever I would post doing synchro she always had great advice!!!"
Miriam, Chile
"Mi nombre es Miriam Orellana. Soy mamá de Sofía Soto. Hace 4 años que mi hija entrena contigo, gracias al apoyo y a la confianza que la directora del club al que pertenece, y nos recomendó trabajar contigo, te conocimos y de ahí nació nuestro vínculo, el que estuvo con una breve interrupción por la pandemia, cosa que nos sirvió para reinventarnos.

Sofía a tomado los diferentes talleres contigo, OASIC, fue una gran forma de aprender a trabajar virtual, luego en época de cuarentena, en una piscina privada y contigo online fue otra gran experiencia, habían videos que no parecían virtuales. Has sido un gran apoyo, no solo al entregarle herramientas técnicas, sino en lo emocional, dándole contención y adaptándote a sus necesidades y comprendiendo su lenguaje no solo físico, sino que también el emocional.

Estamos agradecidos de que formes parte fundamental en el desarrollo deportivo de Sofía, haciendo de ella no sólo una mejor atleta sino una mejor persona, enseñándole a que no hay límites y que puede soñar.

Hoy Sofía forma parte del equipo de Pre-selección juvenil de Chile, sabemos que eso en gran parte es por la motivación que siempre le has entregado! Pero también tenemos claro que es una pasantía que hoy más que antes tal ves va a necesitar de ti! Con cariño siempre pensando en que eres una gran profesional y que somos afortunados de conocerte"
Giselle (swim mom) and Carmina (swimmer), Philippines
"In March 2020, we took our chance and reached out to Coach Lei. We have been following her on Instagram and Facebook and she always said “ask me how”. So we did. No matter the distance and 12-hour time difference, Coach Lei has always been there for us. I took a coaching course with her for six (6) months to understand the sport, to improve my skills and to share what I have learned with our swimmers. She patiently guided me during our sessions, answered my queries and shared materials with me. She was true to her word when she said she wanted to equip me so that I can also share what I have learned with other people. Thereafter, Carmina met with her online once a week for skills training. In May 2021, Carmina shifted to a more serious program with her and they would train 3x a week – our mornings, Coach Lei’s evenings. Coach Lei guides Carmina through figures and skills training both in and out of the pool. She creates mini workouts for her to do not only during their sessions but also on other days. She explains how a movement or skill should be done and not just leave Carmina to figure it out. She is very particular with details and always reminds us that every little movement is as important as the whole figure or skill to be done. Recently, Coach Lei choreographed a solo free routine for her. Online work is not a barrier, in fact it is a blessing for us! Who would have thought that Carmina can train with one of the best who lives in a different time zone on the other side of the world? Coach Lei is one of the greatest blessing technology has given us. We will continue to work with her for as long as she can work with us."
Emma, Belgium
"I feel that your lessons has opened up another way of thinking/looking at the sport to my opinion, this for my own progress as a master's swimmer but also as a coach of swimmers age 12&U. Working on the technical master elements has definitely benefited me when performing for my virtual event in Belgium. The use of your video analyzing method has brought me a better and more visual way to improve myself as much as possible. The fact that we could do this via online meetings did not provide any barrier for me, on the contrary I was very humbled that you and other international coaches (e.g. Andrea Fuentes, Bill May, Stephane Miermont, ...) opened up their sessions to share the knowledge to anyone who shows any interest and passion for our sport."
Filipa, Portugal
"Leilani Torres, the famous Artistic Swimming Mentor, one of the profiles that I followed the most and that I follow on Instagram for her publications, sharing exercises and other subjects that are so interesting for our sport, the artistic swimming! <br />As I like to praise and acknowledge, at a certain moment – which I confess I can't define which it was – there was a closer relationship between the two… maybe because I was without a club, without a coach and the circumstances provided for! Leilani was willing to give me individual sessions. And so it was, every week I sent videos of the exercises that Leilani had suggested to me, and we had our session via digital methods. I would love to be able to see her on the other side and receive so much information and so much feedback – because Leilani managed to dedicate and send me, days before, feedbacks lasting at least 1 hour. Amazing!! It's difficult to describe what gave me but it was 2 months of motivation at its peak, of having new exercises that helped me a lot in body awareness and which in turn had its effect on both barracudas and verticals, and on the small details that gave added value to the choreographies! It is a physical accompaniment but also a lot of psychological preparation, of directing the attention to what really matters! A thank you is little for everything Leilani has contributed and has contributed to my success."
Alison, USA (2016 USA Olympic Duet Alternate; 2006-2016 USA National Team)
"Lei was such a helpful coach and motivational force when I was preparing for USA National Team Trials in 2020. She was very sweet about making herself available to me despite her busy schedule. It was very challenging training in open water in a pandemic, and I was so grateful to have Lei's support. She was a good listener and provided feedback both on the mental component and also technical corrections."

Monique, The Netherlands
"I've met Leilani 1 year ago and I have learned so much from her since then! Not only by learning the theoretic aspect behind every technique (sculling/figure/transition), also during online land training when learning how to use every muscle in the body. Always gives you so much strength, motivation and information. She builds you. Coaching worldwide by using video, so even when you live on the other side of the world: she's always there for you as a coach besides the pool by using video call or by sending your video to review. She is such a wonderful coach and will be there for you in every phase of synchro you are in at that moment."

Sofia, UK
"Leilani has made possible what I never imagined: learning artistic swimming technique and a lot of specific tips via Zoom. At first I started working with her during lockdown because the pools were closed, but now that we are back in the water I still get so much value from her coaching and mentoring. I love her energy and consistency and how at the same time she gets creative to put together exercises that are specific to my needs. I also met a great community of masters through Leilani with OASIC."