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By providing tools to shorten your learning curve, achieve your goals and give you the knowledge & skills to grow!

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Client Testimonials

Chloé, Canada

"Leilani gives amazing tips! She makes me think bigger. She never tells me “just do it” or “just fix it”, she always tells me how to fix it. She also uses funny ways to explain things, like “banana bum” means you have to push your hips through....."

Lara, Egypt

"I cannot begin to explain how much working with lei has helped me especially during quarantine, it was a great experience and there really are no barriers I mean we were at two completely different places and time zones..."

My Mission

Investing in your growth could mean learning much faster.

Learning knowledge and tips that I have gained throughout the years; learning techniques that have been put into practice to make sure they work and give the best results – by being aware of these now, you can get ahead of the game. I have invested in myself by studying in different countries and coaching different age groups.

Imagine if you invested in yourself, even for just part of a season, how much better you could become in the long term.

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Synchro Must Have

The Synkrokale swimsuit is designed especially for synchronized swimmers and is the first FINA-compliant swimsuit that tells you what score you are achieving on each eggbeat, arm boost and barracuda stroke. It is very useful for beginners as well as for pros and coaches who need to keep track of their performance level.

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About Me

I will not lie, I was apprehensive at first, even of my own potential to reach people through social media – and it took me a few tries before I got the hang of it.

The more I listened to what swimmers and coaches were in search of, the more I noticed it often was not even related to the specifics of the sport. I was offering services for choreography, cutting music and training plans… but what they wanted was direction and clarity for their own personal needs. And so, I became a guide.

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Free Coaching Videos

Lately, my best online feature are video analysis of skills, figures or routines. I am a passionate coach and I want to pass that one to as many people as I can. Take a peak at some of my

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Artsy Swim Shop promotes inclusivity and diversity in artistic swimming in the hopes it becomes a more popular and appreciated sport around the world.

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